Statement of Qualifications

“Banko seeks to deliver customized value to our clients, based on firm principles of accuracy, integrity and confidentiality.”

Company Profile

Founded in Denver in 1982 and incorporated in 1985, Banko Petroleum Management, Inc. offers consultation services to clients in the energy industry. We provide project engineering; project management and site supervision; and environmental and regulatory support to major corporations; large and small independent firms; and individuals and government entities throughout the United States with an emphasis in the western half of the country.

Banko provides value-added solutions and increases the ROI of your projects today and in the future.

Our expertise spans an array of project categories, including:

Details about each of these project areas are in the Capabilities & Qualifications section below.

We aspire to bridge the gap between current and future energy sources and pride ourselves on analyzing problems quickly and correctly, then finding cost-effective solutions. Bring us your “30,000-foot view” on an idea and we’ll work along-side you to bring it to fruition.

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Banko Petroleum Management, Inc.
385 Inverness Parkway Suite 420
Englewood, CO 80112-5849 USA
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General Information/Inquiries and Media Requests

Dave Banko, P.E.
Founder and Principal

Affiliations and Memberships

Banko is a member of several industry organizations, including:

  • Western Energy Alliance
  • Independent Petroleum Association of America
  • Colorado Oil & Gas Association
  • Society of Petroleum Engineers
  • Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists
  • American/Denver Association of Professional Landmen

Capabilities & Qualifications

Our highly-qualified team of partners and associates bring to our clients a valuable combination of management and technical expertise; permitting/regulatory affairs knowledge; field experience and mediation skills.

Banko is committed to moving our clients’ projects forward with integrity and objectivity while maintaining the highest levels of accuracy and confidentiality. We couple environmentally sound, cost-effective stewardship of the lands with a strong knowledge of federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations.

Our goal is to become your engineering, regulatory and management partner -- adding value, increasing your ROI and reaching your goals through our expertise in the areas listed below.

Partnering in Acquisitions and Prospect Generation

Partnering to Make Projects Drill-Ready, Adding Value to Prospects

We’re interested in producing and non-producing assets, whether located on fee, federal and/or state lands. While we typically focus on $0 - $1 Million in the western US, we’re open to exploring projects of all sizes in any location.

For professionals experiencing challenges in getting prospects up-and-running -- in situations where operational or regulatory issues may be are holding back a prospect from reaching its full sales potential -- we have solutions. We add value by permitting and designing the well(s) you need to test your concept. (Return to top)

Adding Value, Increasing ROI

Assisting clients with implementing projects for successful ventures

With our strong operations knowledge, we assess the efficiency of a project or newly acquired asset(s) to ensure operations are running with the highest production rates possible, equating to maximum profits. We analyze the current team, including contractors and service providers, to confirm that roles and responsibilities are clearly defined and adhered to.

Our asset improvement/recovery systems streamline field operations while reviewing existing wells to determine the potential for increased reserves, cash flow and total worth. (Return to top)

Engineering and Design

For all phases of natural gas and oil projects

Banko Petroleum Management provides complete engineering services and/or support - from project conception to final project implementation - within any phase of a project.

Our engineering proficiency encompasses everything from preliminary economic analysis and investigation, project design and preparation of specifications and contract documents, to project engineering and site supervision.

We work along-side you to manage and oversee projects with efficient, cost-effect and practical engineering solutions. Our success in this area is strengthened by our emphasis on clear communication and strong relationships with supervisors, suppliers and contractors. (Return to top)

Operations and Asset/Improvement Recovery

Allowing operators to focus on revenue-enhancement

Our Team is highly qualified to manage any and all phases of oil and gas operations including, but not limited to, oil and gas well design, construction, drilling, production, completion, abandonment procedure and land reclamation design.

Banko Petroleum Management has designed, supervised and/or managed wells in states throughout the Rocky Mountain Region, including Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Utah, New Mexico, Nevada, Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, North Dakota, Washington and Texas.

Our asset improvement/recovery systems streamline field operations while reviewing existing wells to determine the potential for increased reserves, cash flow and total worth.

In addition, we’ve conducted numerous reviews of wellsite procedure on behalf of non-operating interest partners, including well design and prognoses of existing wells in successful financial work-out situations.

On occasion, we retain specialized sub-consultants who have appropriate expertise to certain projects.

Coordination and communication with our clients’ professional and/or field personnel is of utmost importance to ensure that projects are kept on-track. We effectively assist with and enhance our clients’ efforts, freeing up oil and gas professionals to focus on revenue-enhancing endeavors. (Return to top)

Business Plan Re-Design

Focusing on companies who have hope and opportunity

At times, company leaders can use a fresh perspective to identify issues that may be a drag on their business. It’s easy to get mired in the day-to-day tasks.

Banko works to evaluate systems, personnel, and contracts and then assist with adjustments and modifications to help advance a company’s vision. An outside evaluation and honest opinion can open eyes and illuminate what needs to be done to get back on track and thrive. (Return to top)

Environmental/Public Policy

Since 1976, Banko and our team partners have worked with federal, state and local regulatory agencies on behalf of oil and gas companies and we've kept current with changing regulations.

Our Team has a high comfort level with managing and coordinating third-party contractors on behalf of our clients for development of drilling projects and production operations relative to:

  • Writing Environmental Assessments and Environmental Impact Statements as required by the Bureau of Land Management and Forest Service
  • Compliance with EPA/OSHA requirements including Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plans (SPCC), SARA Title III and HAZCOM compliance

On an ongoing basis, we participate with regional and state trade associations to educate lawmakers about the realities of the energy industry and seek to influence oil & gas-related rulemaking at the federal and state level. (Return to top)

Energy Economics

Our eye is always on the future of the energy industry and how developments, trends and analyses will impact our clients. Our involvement with the International Research Center for Energy and Economic Development's (ICEED) annual conference - which features representatives from governments and companies worldwide - helps us stay focused on our clients’ potential future requirements and to advise exploration and oil service companies on future economic trends.

Our Founder and Principal is president of the Denver Chapter of the US Association for Energy Economists (USAEE), giving him a distinctive perspective on global energy economics on a global scale and how they can be applied to the oil and gas industry in the Rocky Mountain Region. (Return to top)

Regulatory Support and Government Policy Consulting

Leave the details to us

Our detail-oriented, accuracy-focused associates have extensive knowledgeable in federal, state and local land use and mineral rules and regulations and our experience covers a broad range of requirements, including:

  • Applications for Permits to Drill
  • Filings for many state agencies throughout the Rocky Mountain Region and Western US
  • Rights-of-Way
  • Sundry Notices
  • Temporary Use Permits
  • Environmental Assessments/Environmental Impact Statements
  • Stormwater Management Plans/Stormwater Pollution Prevents Plans
  • County Oil and Gas Permits/Requirements
  • Coordinating required wildlife and Threatened and Endangered studies, including sage grouse core area and black-footed ferret studies/reports

Banko and our long term associates have high familiarity working with numerous federal, state and local organizations and agencies, including: the Bureau of Land Management; United States Forest Service; Bureau of Reclamation; Bureau of Indian Affairs; Division of Wildlife; Game and Fish; Occupational and Safety and Health Administration; Environmental Protection Agency; state entities, including Oil and Gas Commissions, Water Boards, Health Departments and Historical Preservation Organizations; and Local County Governments, Commissioners, and Road Departments.

We act as our clients’ advocate and/or liaison in coordinating and managing Environmental Assessments and Environmental Impact Studies on behalf of the Bureau of Land Management and/or provide comments and input into federal, state and local rulemaking. (Return to top)

Decommission & Resolution

Well plug and abandonment; salvage; reclamation

It is a reality of our industry that natural gas and oil fields become uneconomical over time and it is crucial that hard decisions be made to plug wells and/or decommission gas plants. Most industry professionals avoid this procedure, but reality dictates it must be completed.

Our Team files the proper notifications with regulatory agencies and/or mineral owners. We manage the process from start-to-finish, including hiring qualified contractors to complete the tasks necessary to bring these projects to conclusion. Quick decommission releases liability and can help lead to a quick bond release. (Return to top)


From time-to-time, we are called upon to assist with many types of negotiation and facilitation - as related to the energy industry - between clients and government agencies and/or other industry partners.

Our Founder and Principal has completed an intensive course in Mediation with the CDR Associates (Center for Dispute Resolution) and has a high comfort level in assisting clients in this area. (Return to top)

Advise & Assist Trusts with Oil and Natural Gas Assets

Working with trusts requires finesse, sensitivity and a working understanding of the limits and opportunities available to the estate executor(s) regarding energy-related assets.

Each trust is unique. We work closely with trustees and legal counsel, ask questions, listen to the answers and then craft solutions that address your distinct circumstances.

Our goal is to offer options from which entities and individuals can select the best for their specific situation. We seek to chart a course for a comprehensive and beneficial resolution of each trust. (Return to top)