Banko will acquire your assets if you are tired of dealing with them.
Acquisitions and Prospect Generation

Acquiring Your Non-Core Assets

Banko is interested in your producing and non-producing assets, whether they’re located on fee, federal and/or state lands. While we’re focusing on $0 - $15 Million in the western US, we’re open to exploring projects of all sizes in any location.

Partnering to Make Projects Drill-Ready
Adding Value to Prospects

Are you experiencing challenges in getting prospects up-and-running? Perhaps operational or regulatory issues are holding back a prospect from reaching its full sales potential. We add value by permitting and designing the well(s) you need to test your concept.

Banko has solutions!

Let’s talk about how our expertise and relationships can get your prospect drill-ready and sold. Whether in a consulting or partnership capacity, our regulatory and operations management expertise can help move a prospect forward - or move it off your books – freeing you up for revenue enhancing projects.

We look forward to talking with you about how we team up to achieve your goals!

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